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Fix your slices, hooks, shanks and general screw ups on the golf course. Here’s a simple golf swing that you can take to the golf course and not just the driving range. Finally discover what tens of thousands of golfers have discovered about the golf swing for about the same price you would pay for a few buckets of driving range balls!










Welcome to The Simple 4 Step Swing.

If you like to play golf.

If you would like to be a better golfer.

If you are tired of golf lessons or tips that just screw up your game.

If you are totally confused by the copious amount of information about the golf swing.

If you want a simple golf swing that provides a consistent result every time.

If you want immediate, instant results without weeks, months or years of practice.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on golf lessons.


Then I am convinced you will benefit from my Simple 4 Step Swing. In fact I guarantee it!

The Problem With Golf Instructors and Golf Gurus


Golf instructors are just poor communicators. They might be great golfers and athletes, but when it comes to teaching, they suck!


Too many golf instructors teach way above most amateur’s ability to understand and confuse the heck out of us!


My Approach


Why the Simple 4 Step Swing is different. My approach was to keep the language simple. Simple is understandable. Simple is repeatable. Simple provides instant positive results! Simple is good.


My first step was to ‘redefine’ that actual objective I was seeking. I questioned everything I was ever taught about the golf swing.


After much study and contemplation, here’s my new definition of what we, as golfers, are trying to accomplish:


“Using the instrument we are provided with (that being the golf club) consistently whip it towards an imaginary zone at a velocity sufficient enough to reach an intended target.”


Key words are consistently, imaginary, whip, velocity and target.


The Simple 4 Step Swing avoids using old golf terms and jargon that is often misleading or can be easily misinterpreted. When simple, easy-to-understand terms are used, the entire golf movement is really . . .  well simple!

Two Immediate WOWs


My first realization was that the golf swing is not a ‘swing’ at all. In other words, if swinging is a back and forth action along a target line, then it is impossible to do this in golf. My second discovery was that our responsibility as a golfer had nothing to do with ‘hitting the ball’.


I believe that since the golf club was the actual object that was striking the ball and not me, then the responsibility of hitting the ball was actually not mine, but the golf club. That meant that I no longer had to worry about that aspect of the goal I was trying to accomplish. Therefore I could completely put my focus on what I was responsible for. I also believe that to use the word ‘swing’ to describe the golf club movement is completely misleading. I think that ‘whipping the club’ is a more accurate description.


Armed with this discovery I searched to new ways to describe what was it that we were actually doing and who is responsible for what.

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Abbreviated Version of the Simple 4 Step Swing Introduction

Fingers Please


The golf club manufacturers, those wonderful folks that design and produce golf clubs are very smart people. Millions of dollars, actually millions of millions of dollars have been spent researching, experimenting and developing the modern golf club.


I therefore concede that these engineers are far smarter than I am as it relates to the physics of the golf swing. Given my surrender to their superior thinking, I concluded that there is very sound and reasonable logic as to why the golf club looks like it does.


When I studied the construction of the golf club I came to some surprisingly interesting discoveries. The first being that the handle was very thin, as compared to a hockey stick or baseball bat or even a tennis racket.


Why in the heck would they make it so thin?

Well if the goal is to ‘whip’ the club head through an imaginary line then it would make perfect sense to have the club held in the FINGERS of your hands and NOT THE PALMS of your hands.

If the golf club engineers discovered that holding the darn thing in your palms would provide more velocity, I am sure all golf clubs would have thick handles. They do not, therefore we must conclude that holding the club in our fingers would create more ‘whip’ and therefore more velocity.

What Line?


Next thing! An imaginary line is not a line at all but really a circle. Relative to the target we are aiming at, a golfer stands BESIDE the golf ball not BEHIND it (like darts or bowling).


Therefore any attempt to take the club back extending the club, hands and arms along the target line and somehow have the club, hands and arms follow through along the target line after impact is in any and every way IMPOSSIBLE!


The only time the club head and target line are identical is at the point of impact when the club head strikes the ball. I can’t tell you how many lessons I have taken that stressed this point on maintaining the club along the target line and how many chiropractors I had to see to fix my aching back.


Well if the golf swing or rather golf ‘whip’ is circular then the entire concept of taking a ‘back swing’ is completely misleading. The actual motion is a back TURN and there is no swing action to be found anywhere in this movement.

It’s All About The Angles


Getting your hands, arms and club into the proper position for maximum whipping velocity is our responsibility as a golfer. Then it’s up to physics and allowing the club to do its job.


The entire golf movement from the take away to the finish takes about one and one quarter seconds. The actual time from what is called the ‘down swing’ to the point of impact is 1/10,000th of a second. There is no way in the world that anyone can control this critical point in the golf swing.


Yet golf instructors continue to talk about squaring the club face at impact, releasing the arms, maintaining the club along the target line, etc., etc., etc. In 1/10,000th of a second! Give me a break!


All we can do is try to consistently get our hands, arms and golf club into the proper position BEFORE the critical stage of whipping the club through the imaginary line. After that, it’s all about the angles we created and physics!

My Simple 4 Step Swing Instruction Video

The Simple 4 Step Swing video is packed with still images that clearly illustrate how to take a proper back turn, what to do at the top of the swing, the only way to start back down, how to whip the golf club at high velocity and what not to worry about.

I like using still images because you can visualize the various positions within the overall movement. Video tends to be too fast and it makes it difficult to actually see what your responsibilities are as a golfer.

The Simple 4 Step Swing is copyrighted by Comput-a-Search Inc. © 2008. All rights are reserved.

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